Are you curious?

photographer: Marco Zorzanello
photographer: Marco Zorzanello

Born in Vicenza, Italy, I am a conference interpreter and, more generally, a multilingual professional with a soft spot for contemporary dance.

From 2010 to 2013 I co-organised and curated the dance section at Entrata d’emergenza, a festival for contemporary arts in urban sceneries in Vicenza.

I collaborated as assistant dramaturg with Silvia Gribaudi for the performances What age are you acting? – Le età relative and R.OSA.

From 2013 to 2015 I was involved in the EU leadership project Léim and my project Mind your step was chosen for implementation by CSC Bassano del Grappa (August 2014) and by Dance Ireland (Dublin, 7-8 March 2015).

After Léim came to an end, my colleague Argyris Argyrou and I decided to continue the project and we were selected to present Mind your step in the official programme of Pafos2017.

I am also a lyricist.


2 thoughts on “Are you curious?

  1. Ciao Giulia, so che hai scritto tu i testi del primo disco dei Wora Wora Washington e sarei molto interessato ad averli visto che non riesco a capire tutto quello che cantano. E’ possibile?


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